Supercapacitors in the Grid
Published: May 28, 2010 Category: Smart Technology

Supercapacitors in the Grid:  A Forecast


Today the supercapacitor market is well established in one area only and that is in regenerative energy capture with load smoothing for light rail applications.  Of the $430 million that NanoMarkets/Smart Grid Analysis expects to be generated by Smart-Grid Supercapacitors, $344 million (80 percent) will come from this one application.  The rest of the market is made up by what could roughly be called frequency regulation; a niche market at the present time.


By 2015, however, we expect the picture of the Smart Grid supercapacitor market to look quite different.   By then, if our projections are correct we will be looking, at a light rail application worth $1.8 billion and a frequency regulation market that is about the same size, with 60 percent of this frequency regulation market coming from microgrids.  Add in somewhat over $200 million for other applications and the Smart Grid supercapacitor market will reach a very healthy $3.8 billion in 2015.

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