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REPORT # 181 PUBLISHED April 19, 2010
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Materials and Components Markets and Opportunities
  • Advanced Materials
  • Emerging Electronics

    Until quite recently, EMC materials and components markets were considered highly mature, with few opportunities for firms that were not well established in this field and products that had not changed much in years. However, the explosion in the use of radio frequency emitters in the recent past has given a boost to the industry.

    In addition to the most visible drivers for the EMC protection markets such as the rise of WiFi and 3G mobile communications, less obvious opportunities are appearing. In the automotive market, for example, the spread of wireless-based infotainment and navigation systems represents new revenue possibilities for EMI/RFI protection. Meanwhile, very-high-speed local area networks operating over copper wires are proliferating, creating a new, potential EMI/RFI hazard--large buildings crammed full of radio frequency devices have been cited as an EMC danger to nearby airports. And, both EMI/RFI and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) concerns are ongoing in a currently vibrant market for military electronics.

    At the same time, EMC protection technologies are improving, enabling competition in this space based on more than just price. Materials that NanoMarkets believes will be of especial importance in the EMI/RFI sector are conductive polymers and nanomaterials, and perhaps hybrid materials made from both. In addition to the coatings, paints and other materials, this report also analyzes the markets for laminates and tapes, as well as higher value component products such as enclosures, cabinets and specialized cables, filters and cables.

    This report builds on the analysis from NanoMarkets report on conductive coatings markets from last year, but covers the market opportunities across the broad spectrum of EMC protection. Its goal is to identify and quantify where the revenue generating opportunities will be for materials and components firms in the EMC sector over the coming eight years. Other related reports published by NanoMarkets include market analyses of conductive coatings, ITO and ITO alternatives, silver inks and pastes and antistatic/ESD products (forthcoming).


    Executive Summary

    E.1 Summary of key trends and technologies in the EMC market
    E.2 Opportunities for EMC materials suppliers
    E.3 Opportunities for EMC components suppliers
    E.3 Firms to watch in this space
    E.4 Eight-year market projections

    Chapter One: Introduction

    1.1 Background to this report
    1.2 Scope and objectives
    1.3 Methodology of this report
    1.4 Plan of this report

    Chapter Two: EMC Protection Products and Materials

    2.1 Introduction: Conductor materials, absorber materials and components
    2.2 Traditional coatings and paints
    2.2.1 Aqueous metallic coatings: Copper, nickel and silver
    2.2.2 Electroplated coatings
    2.2.3 Electroless plating
    2.2.4 Vacuum deposited coatings
    2.2.5 Spray coatings
    2.2.6 Conductive paints
    2.3 Thermoplastics, conductive polymers and conductive elastomers
    2.3.1 Additives for plastic EMC materials
    2.4 Ferrites
    2.5 Adhesives
    2.6 Conductive films
    2.7 Laminates and tapes
    2.8 EMC components
    2.8.1 Gaskets
    2.8.2 Filters
    2.8.3 Cabinets and enclosures
    2.8.4 Connectors and cables
    2.9 Impact of novel materials technology on EMC protection
    2.9.1 Nanomaterials
    2.9.2 Composites
    2.10 Absorptive EMC technologies and markets
    2.11 Key points made in this chapter

    Chapter Three: Markets for EMC Protection Products

    3.1 Introduction
    3.2 Important standards
    3.2.1 U.S.
    3.2.2 Europe
    3.2.3 Other
    3.3 Wireless communications and consumer electronics
    3.3.1 EMC requirements for new wireless communications standards
    3.3.2 Current and future use of EMC materials and components
    3.4 Wired communications
    3.4.1 EMC requirements for emerging high-speed LAN requirements
    3.4.2 Current and future use of EMC materials and components
    3.5 Appliances
    3.5.2 Current and future use of EMC materials and components
    3.6 Automotive
    3.6.1 EMC requirements for novel automobile electronics
    3.6.2 Current and future use of EMC materials and components
    3.7 Military, national security and aerospace
    3.7.1 Protection from electromagnetic pulses
    3.7.2 Current and future use of EMC materials and components
    3.8 Architectural
    3.8.1 Special requirements for hospitals and factories
    3.8.2 Specialized architectural shielding products
    3.9 Semiconductor industry
    3.9.2 Current and future use of EMC materials and components
    3.10 Other
    3.11 Key points made in this chapter

    Chapter Four: Market Forecasts

    4.1 Forecasting methodology
    4.1.2 Alternative scenarios
    4.2 Eight-year projections of EMC materials by type of materials
    4.3 Eight-year projections of EMC components by type of component
    4.4 Eight-year projections of EMC materials and components by type of end user
    4.5 Eight-year projections of EMC materials and components by end user region
    List of acronyms
    About the author

    List of Exhibits

    Exhibit E-1: Summary of Eight-Year Forecasts of EMC Revenues by Material Type, $ Millions
    Exhibit 4-1: Eight-Year Forecast of EMC Markets by Material Type, $ Millions
    Exhibit 4-2: Eight-Year Forecast of Conventional Metals for EMC by Type, $ Millions
    Exhibit 4-3: Eight-Year Forecast of Magnetic Materials for EMC by Type, $ MillionS
    Exhibit 4-4: Eight-Year Forecast of Plastics for EMC by Type, $ Millions
    Exhibit 4-5: Eight-Year Forecast of Nanomaterials for EMC by Type, $ Millions
    Exhibit 4-6: Eight-Year Forecast of EMC Components by Component Type, $ Millions
    Exhibit 4-7: Eight-Year Forecast of EMC Filters by Type, $ Millions
    Exhibit 4-8: Eight-Year Forecast of EMC Cables by Cable Type, $ Millions
    Exhibit 4-9: Eight-Year Forecast of EMC Cabinets and Enclosures by Type, $ Millions
    Exhibit 4-10: Eight-Year Forecast of Board-Level EMC Components by Component Type, $ Millions
    Exhibit 4-11: Eight-Year Forecast of EMC Markets by Application, $ Millions
    Exhibit 4-12: Summary of Overall Market for EMC Materials and Components, $ Millions


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