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REPORT # Nano-187 PUBLISHED September 15, 2010
New Business Opportunities in European Smart Grids
  • Smart Technology
    Smart Grid deployment in Europe is being driven forward by recent grid failures affecting several countries, the integration of decentralized and renewable power supplies, and the optimization of energy efficiency and power quality. As a result we believe there are major business opportunities to be had for suppliers of electrical transmission and distribution equipment, energy storage systems, communication equipment, as well as metering and customer premises equipment for Smart Grids.
    Recently, the European Smart Grid market has been the recipient of much media attention and corporate hype. However, this report provides a clear and objective analysis of where the real opportunities are developing. This report identifies those opportunities and quantifies them, both by type and by country, as well as analyzing the major players active in European Smart Grid markets. In addition, we examine the key Smart Grid projects taking place in Europe, including both the important R&D programs being coordinated by the EU and significant programs in individual nations. The report also takes a look at standardization in Europe, since this is viewed as a key issue in the development of Smart Grids in Europe - due to the involvement of many different sectors along the chain from power generation to household appliances.
    This report is a must read for all firms who plan to compete in the European Smart Grid market as it evolves. It is a clear guide to where the money will be made, what the business challenges will be and who the likely winners will be.

    Executive Summary

    E.1 Opportunities for suppliers of transmission and distribution equipment
    E.2 Opportunities for novel energy storage technology
    E.3 Opportunities for communications equipment companies
    E.4 Opportunities in metering and customer premises equipment
    E.5 Companies to watch in the European Smart Grid business
    E.5.1 Opportunities for new entrants
    E.6 Summary of eight-year forecasts

    Chapter One: Introduction

    1.1 Background to this report
    1.2 Objectives and scope of this report
    1.3 Methodology of report
    1.4 Profile of report

    Chapter Two: The European Smart Grid Market Environment

    2.1 Introduction
    2.2 Major driving factors for Smart Grids in Europe
    2.2.1 Need for upgrading existing grids in Europe
    2.2.2 Need for integrating renewable energy in Europe
    2.2.3 Smart metering and time-of-day pricing in Europe
    2.2.4 Impact on European Smart Grid deployment of climate change concerns
    2.2.5 Impact on European Smart Grid deployment of national and regional security issues
    2.2.6 Other driving factors for European Smart Grids
    2.3 Factors slowing down Smart Grid deployments in Europe
    2.4 Impact of the worldwide recession on Smart Grid Deployment in Europe
    2.5 Important Smart Grid policy trends in Europe
    2.6 Major European Smart Grid R&D programs
    2.6.1 Focus of current research programs
    2.6.2 SmartGrids ERA-Net project
    2.6.3 Other international research programs in Europe

    Chapter Three: Smart Grid Projects and Market Activity in Europe

    3.1 Introduction
    3.2 France
    3.2.1 Major projects
    3.2.2 Key market opportunities
    3.3 Germany and Austria
    3.3.1 Major projects
    3.3.2 Key market opportunities
    3.4 Italy
    3.4.1 Major projects
    3.4.2 Key market opportunities
    3.5 Spain and Portugal
    3.5.1 Major projects
    3.5.2 Key market opportunities
    3.6 United Kingdom and Ireland
    3.6.1 Major projects
    3.6.2 Key market opportunities
    3.7 Benelux nations
    3.7.1 Major projects
    3.7.2 Key market opportunities
    3.8 Scandinavia
    3.8.1 Major projects including Nordic regional programs
    3.8.2 Key market opportunities
    3.9 Other European countries
    3.9.1 Major projects
    3.9.2 Key market opportunities

    Chapter Four: Eight-Year Forecasts of European Smart Grid Markets

    4.1 Forecasting methodology
    4.2 Alternative scenarios
    4.3 Forecast of transmission and distribution equipment for European Smart Grids by type and country
    4.4 Forecast of energy storage systems for European Smart Grids by type and country
    4.5 Forecast of communications equipment for European Smart Grids by type and country
    4.6 Forecast of metering and customer premises equipment for European Smart Grids by type and country

    Acronyms and abbreviations used in this report


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