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REPORT # Nano-360 PUBLISHED May 17, 2011
OLED Lighting in Europe -2011
  • OLEDs
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    NanoMarkets believes that the European market will represent a major opportunity for OLED lighting however, not without substantial potential risks.  Factors favoring the technology include stringent government regulations, generous government funding, a large and relatively wealthy population and strong industrial base comprised of two of the "big three" in OLED lighting and many of the world’s leading specialty chemical and materials companies.  In addition, Europe has always been a leader in lighting design and innovation. From the earliest days of OLED lighting market, the most interesting OLED lighting designs have come out of European lighting firms and design houses.
    Still, important questions hang over the future of OLED lighting in Europe.  How will the financial reforms currently being undertaken by European governments impact the OLED lighting market, for example?  And will the much-strained European construction markets provide enough impetus to generate significant new business for OLED lighting?  Also, while there are many government/industry cooperative projects involving OLED lighting throughout Europe, it is still far from clear the degree to which these will be able to provide ideas for commercial products.  Lastly, while Europe has been at the forefront of many design wins over the years, the same cannot be said of its ability to manufacture.  Will OLED lighting wind up in Asia or will Europe be able to hold on to a dominant position?
    In this new report from NanoMarkets analyzes and quantifies the business opportunities available for OLED lighting in the major European countries.  In addition, we show how European companies are shaping OLED lighting markets in the rest of the world.   The report will provide detailed market forecasts in volumes and values by country.  
    Executive Summary
    E.1 Summary of the OLED Lighting Market Environment in Europe
    E.1.1 OLED Lighting Technology as a European Technology
    E.2 Opportunities for U.S. and Asian Suppliers in the European OLED  General Lighting Market
    E.3 Summaries of Eight-Year Projections of OLED Lighting Markets in Europe
    E.3.1 Eight-Year Projections by Product Type
    E.3.2 Eight-Year Projections by Country
    Chapter One: Introduction
    1.1 Background to this Report
    1.1.1 European Greenness is Good for the OLED Lighting Market;   But Will It Last?
    1.1.2 European Industrial Policy:  What it Means for OLED Lighting Markets
    1.1.3 How the European OLED Lighting Market is Unique:  An Established Industry and High Design Content
    1.1.4 Europe as a Market for OLED Lighting
    1.2   Goal and Scope of this Report
    1.3   Methodology of this Report
    1.4 Plan of this Report
    Chapter Two: OLED Lighting Programs and Policy in the EU
    2.1 Impact of EU Energy and Environmental Policy on OLED Lighting Markets
    2.1.1 Rules for Phasing Out Incandescent Bulbs in the EU
    2.2 What the European LED Market Tells Us about the Future of the European OLED Lighting Market
    2.3 Assessment of Commercial Impact of Europe OLED Lighting Projects
    2.3.1 AEVIOM (Advanced Experimentally Validated OLED model)
    2.3.2 CombOLED
    2.3.3 Fast2Light
    2.3.4 OLED100.eu
    2.4 How European Financial Conditions and Property Markets will Shape the  OLED Lighting Market
    2.4.1 Impact on European OLED Lighting R&D
    2.4.2 Impact on OLED Lighting Markets of European Property Market Trends
    2.5 Impact of European Design Firms on the Future of OLED Lighting
    2.6 Eight-Year Forecasts of OLED Lighting Markets in European Countries by Country and Product Type
    2.6.1 General Illumination Markets for OLEDs in Europe
    2.6.2 Architectural Lighting Markets for OLEDs in Europe
    2.6.3 Vehicular Lighting Markets for OLEDs in Europe
    2.7 Key Points from this Chapter
    Chapter Three: OLED Lighting in Germany
    3.1 The German OLED Lighting Market:  Why Is It Important?
    3.2 Assessment of the Commercial Impact of German OLED Lighting Projects
    3.2.1 LILi (Light InLine)
    3.2.2 NEMO (New Materials for OLEDs)
    3.2.3 Opal (Organic Phosphorescent Lights for Applications in the  Lighting Market)
    3.2.4 ROLLEX and ROLLEX 2
    3.2.5 So-Light
    3.3.6 TOPAS (Thousand Lumen Organic Phosphorescent devices for Applications In Lighting Systems)
    3.3 Products and Strategies of Leading German OLED Lighting Firms
    3.3.1 Aixtron
    3.3.2 BASF
    3.3.3 Benwirth Licht
    3.3.4 Fraunhofer IPMS
    3.3.5 Heraeus
    3.3.6 Ledon/Zumbotel
    3.3.7 Merck (operates under the name EMD in North America)
    3.3.8 Novaled
    3.3.9 Osram
    3.4 Key Points from this Chapter
    Chapter Four:  OLED Lighting in the U.K.
    4.1 The U.K. OLED Lighting Market:  Early Phasing Out of Incandescent Lights
    4.1.1 Phasing Out of Incandescent Bulbs
    4.2 Assessment of Commercial Impact of U.K OLED Lighting Projects
    4.3 Products and Strategies of Leading U.K. OLED Lighting Firms
    4.3.1 CDT/Sumation
    4.3.2 E2M Technology/Polymertronics
    4.3.3 Lomox
    4.3.4 PolyPhotonix
    4.3.5 Polar OLED
    4.4 Key Points from this Chapter
    Chapter Five: OLED Lighting in the Rest of Europe
    5.1 Introduction
    5.2 Benelux Countries
    5.2.1 Agfa
    5.2.2 Holst Center
    5.2.3 Philips
    5.3 Designers in Other Parts of Europe
    5.3.1 Astron Fiamm/Blackbody (France)
    5.3.2 PPML (Italy)
    5.3.3 D-Signed
    5.4 Notes on Eastern Europe and OLED Lighting
    5.5 Key Points from this Chapter
    Acronyms and Abbreviations Used In this Report
    About the Author
    List of Exhibits
    Exhibit E-1:  European OLED Lighting Markets by Product Type
    Exhibit E-2:  European OLED Lighting Markets by Country
    Exhibit 2-1: Selected European OLED Lighting Design Projects and Products
    Exhibit 2-2: European OLED Lighting Markets:  General Illumination
    Exhibit 2-3: European OLED Lighting Markets:  Architectural Lighting
    Exhibit 2-4: European OLED Lighting Markets:  Vehicular Lighting
    Exhibit 3-1: Clevios Formulations
    Exhibit 3-2:Osram's Orbeos:  Original Specs and Pricing
    Exhibit 5-1: Philips' Lumiblade Pricing and Availability
    Exhibit 5-2: Philips' OLED Lighting Product Evolution Scenario


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