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REPORT # Nano-047 PUBLISHED February 27, 2008
Printed Battery Markets
  • Emerging Electronics

    Printed batteries are an interesting and potentially profitable idea that will find applications in RFIDs, smartcards, sensors, and medical devices.  This report analyzes the potential for this kind of battery from an applications perspective.  It begins with an overview of those battery chemistries that currently lend themselves to a printed approach and then continues with a discussion of all the applications in which printed batteries might be used.  For each of these applications we show where printed batteries could ultimately provide a cost or manufacturing advantage over today's coin or button batteries.  The report also provides profiles of firms that are competing in this sector, the products that they are offering and the markets they are targeting.  The report also includes a discussion of recent developments in the field and a forecast of revenues from printed batteries over the next eight years.


    chapter one: printed electronics market overview

    chapter two: the evolution of printed electronics technology and the birth of an industry

    Materials and Production Issues: Improvements and Outstanding Issues
    Mega-Drivers for Printable Electronics
    How Printed Electronics Can "Save" the Electronics Industry
    Dawn of an Industry?

    chapter three: printed batteries

    Printed Battery Chemistries
    Carbon-Zinc Batteries
    Zinc Manganese Dioxide

    chapter four: current and future applications for printed batteries

    Printable Batteries vs. Conventional Batteries
    New Technology Alternatives to Printed Batteries
    Medical Devices
    Displays and Consumer Devices
    Military and Homeland Security
    Other Applications

    chapter five: the firms that are shaping the printed battery market

    chapter six: eight-year forecasts of printed battery markets

    What Has Changed in the Past Year
    Summary of Forecasts

    chapter seven: key points

    acronyms and abbreviations used in this report

    about the authors

    list of exhibits

    Exhibit 1: Major Economic Drivers for Printed Electronics
    Exhibit 2: Industry Sector "Crises" and How TOP Electronics Can Help
    Exhibit 3: Companies Shaping the Printed Battery Market: Applications Targeted
    Exhibit 4: Selected Power Paper Partners
    Exhibit 5: Printable Batteries Market ($ Millions)


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