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REPORT # Nano-051 PUBLISHED February 28, 2008
Printed Display Markets
  • Emerging Electronics

    In the past year printed electrophoretic and electrochromic displays has come to the fore, while OLED displays have shown themselves to have less potential than originally expected.  This report analyzes the state-of-the-market in printed displays, shows where the first significant revenues from printed OLEDs will be coming from, and where the next markets for e-paper will be after book readers.  It also discusses the latest technology developments including color e-paper and printed backplanes.  In addition, the opportunities in all of the end-user segments are analyzed and forecast.  Areas covered in mobile phones, book readers, signage, and smart cards.  We also discuss what has changed in the printed display sector in the past year and include eight-year market forecasts.


    Chapter One: Printed Electronics Market Overview

    The Evolution of Printed Electronics Technology and the Birth of an Industry
    Materials and Production Issues: Improvements and Outstanding Issues
    Mega-Drivers for Printable Electronics
    How Printed Electronics Can "Save" the Electronics Industry
    Dawn of an Industry?

    Chapter Two: Printed Displays

    Advances in Materials
    OLEDS and Printing
    Performance Requirements for OLEDs
    OLEDs and Flexible Substrates
    OLEDs and Encapsulation
    Markets for Printed OLEDs

    Chapter Three: E-Paper

    E Ink
    Electrochromic Displays
    Color E-Paper
    Markets for E-paper

    Chapter Four: Printed Backplanes

    OTFT Backplanes
    Plastic Logic
    Polymer Vision

    Chapter Five: Mobile Phone and Handheld Markets

    Sub-displays and MP3 Displays
    Mobile Phone Main Displays

    Chapter Six: Book Readers

    Chapter Seven: Computer Displays

    OLEDs in Computer Displays
    OLEDs, Computing and Flexible Displays

    Chapter Eight: Signage

    Point-of-Purchase Displays and Electronic Shelf Labels
    Information Displays and Signage

    Chapter Nine: Smartcards


    Chapter Ten: Eight-Year Forecasts of Printed Display and Signage Markets

    What Has Changed in the Past Year
    Eight-Year Forecasts of Printed Display Markets

    Key Points

    Acronyms and Abbreviations Used in this Report
    About the Authors

    List of Exhibits

    Exhibit 1: Major Economic Drivers for Printed Electronics
    Exhbit 2: Industry Sector "Crises" and How TOP Electronics Can Help
    Exhibit 3: CDT's Licensee's and Technology Partners
    Exhibit 4: Selected Firms Supplying the OLED Industry
    Exhibit 5: Emitting Materials for OLEDs
    Exhibit 6: Paper Technology vs. Computer Technology
    Exhibit 7: Selected E-paper Firms Shaping the Printed Displays/Signage Market
    Exhibit 8: Applications of E-Paper
    Exhibit 9: Will Flexible OLED Displays Catch On?
    Exhibit 10: Comparison of Display Technologies for Cell Phones
    Exhibit 11: Book Reader Products
    Exhibit 12: Advantages of E-paper for Smart Shelves
    Exhibit 13: Characteristics of OLED Signage Markets
    Exhibit 14: Performance Data on the Seiko Epson 40-inch OLED Television
    Exhibit 15: Summary of Printed OLED and E-Paper Forecasts ($ Millions)
    Exhibit 16: Summary of Printed Display Backplane Forecasts ($ Millions)


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