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REPORT # Nano-052 PUBLISHED February 28, 2008
Printed Lighting Markets
  • Emerging Electronics

    As new opportunities rapidly emerge in energy efficient solid-state lighting, new manufacturing approaches are also assuming more importance and these include printing. Electroluminescent (EL) lighting has been printed for years, but this report goes beyond EL and includes discussions of other forms of printed lighting, including systems based on carbon nanotube emissions and especially on OLEDs.  The report reviews the market potential for all of the main applications for printed lighting from simple backlighting applications to sophisticated architectural lighting.  It also provides data on the performance criteria for printed lighting and profiles some of the leading firms and government projects exploring printed lighting technology, discusses recent events in this field.  Finally, it provides an eight-year market forecast of the revenues that NanoMarkets expects from printed lighting with break outs by both technology and applications segment.


    Printed Electronics Market Overview

    The Evolution of Printed Electronics Technology and the Birth of an Industry
    Materials and Production Issues: Improvements and Outstanding Issues
    Mega-Drivers for Printable Electronics
    How Printed Electronics Can "Save" the Electronics Industry
    Dawn of an Industry?

    Printed Lighting

    Types of Printed Lighting
    OLEDs in Lighting
    Electroluminescent Lighting
    Current and Future Applications for Printed Lighting
    Solid-State Lighting
    Backlighting for Consumer Electronics and Vehicles
    General Illumination
    Architectural Lighting
    Games, Toys and Novelties
    The Firms that are Shaping the Printed Lighting Market
    United States

    Eight-Year Forecasts of Printed Lighting Markets

    What Has Changed in the Past Year
    Summary of Forecasts

    Key Points

    Acronyms and Abbreviations Used in this Report
    About the Authors

    List of Exhibits

    Exhibit 1: Major Economic Drivers for Printed Electronics
    Exhibit 2: Industry Sector "Crises" and How TOP Electronics Can Help
    Exhibit 3: OLED Lamps vs Competing Technologies
    Exhibit 4: Power Drain by Lighting Technology
    Exhibit 5: Backlight Technologies Compared
    Exhibit 6: Evolving OLED Requirements for General Lighting
    Exhibit 7: U.S. Companies Shaping the OLED Lighting Market
    Exhibit 8: DOE OLED Awards by Year
    Exhibit 9: The OLLA Consortium
    Exhibit 10: European Firms Shaping the Printed Lighting Market
    Exhibit 11: Asian Companies Shaping the Printed Lighting Market
    Exhibit 12: Summary of OLED and Printed Lighting Markets ($ Millions)


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