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REPORT # Nano-050 PUBLISHED February 28, 2008
Printed RFID Markets
  • Emerging Electronics

    Radio frequency identification (RFID) promises a major new revolution in information technology.  It can bring enhanced productivity to supply chain management, inventory control, package tracking and a host of other business functions.  However, to be widely deployed, RFID tags must be manufactured at exceptionally low cost. Printed electronics offers a way to achieve this goal.  This report reviews the market for printed RFID; both complete tags and antennas.  It examines the potential of the latest developments in RFID, including the performance of the first commercial 13 MHz tags to hit the market; research on printed UHF tags; and the impact of printed silicon electronics on the manufacture of RFID tags.  It also profiles the activities of 11 organizations involved with the development and manufacture of printed RFID products and provides both an update on the exciting new developments in this field and an eight-year forecast of revenues from the printed RFID sector in volume and value terms.


    chapter one: printed electronics market overview

    chapter two: the evolution of printed electronics technology and the birth of an industry

    Materials and Production Issues: Improvements and Outstanding Issues
    Mega-Drivers for Printable Electronics
    How Printed Electronics Can "Save" the Electronics Industry
    Dawn of an Industry?

    chapter three: printed rfid

    RFID Technology
    Active and Passive Tags
    Generations of RFIDs
    Frequency Issues
    Failure Rate

    chapter four: the value proposition of printing rfid

    Arguments for Printing RFID
    The Limits of Printing RFID and Arguments Against It

    chapter five: rfid pricing

    chapter six: printed rfid technology


    chapter seven: current and future applications for printed rfid

    Palette-level Tagging
    Item-level Tagging
    Animal and People Tracking
    Other Applications
    The PRISMA Project

    chapter eight: firms and research institutes to watch in the printed rfid space

    GSI Technologies: Printed Antennas

    chapter nine: printed systems

    RSI ID Technologies

    chapter ten: eight-year forecasts of printed rfid markets

    What Has Changed in the Past Year
    Summary of Forecasts
    Acronyms and Abbreviations Used in this Report
    About the Authors

    list of exhibits

    Exhibit 1: Major Economic Drivers for Printed Electronics
    Exhibit 2: Industry Sector "Crises" and How TOP Electronics Can Help
    Exhibit 3: TFE's Partners
    Exhibit 4: TFE's Printed Memory Specs
    Exhibit 5: Selected RFID Applications
    Exhibit 6: Forecast of Printed RFID Revenues ($ Millions)


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