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REPORT # Nano-032 PUBLISHED October 29, 2007
Thin-Film and Printed Batteries Markets
  • Emerging Electronics

    There is a growing interest in new types of thin-film batteries better suited than conventional batteries to powering RFIDs, sensors, smart cards, smart packaging and labels, small displays, embedded processors and memory, and medical devices. In fact, these new forms of power sources will be crucial for the advancement of these printed and organic electronics devices. A slew of new firms have appeared in the past few years all promising to serve this part of the battery market. Each firm has its own take on what the market really needs in terms of flexibility, recharge-ability and footprint. There are also a variety of battery chemistries emerging, each having its own special set of pros and cons.

    While the need for thin-film batteries is uncontested, there are still many open questions regarding the adoption of thin-film batteries.

    • Are lithium chemistries so well established that it will be hard for the industry to move away from them and adopt novel approaches?


    • Can thin-film battery technologies reach acceptable price points for disposable electronics applications?


    • Can printing batteries help bring down the cost of batteries and how far will it be possible to integrate the printing of batteries with facilities for printing the electronics itself?


    • Which new battery chemistries lend themselves best to mass manufacturing?


    • And which battery manufacturers will be the movers and shakers of the next wave of battery technology?

    This report is essential reading for those interested in the answers to these and many other related questions.

    This NanoMarkets report quantifies the opportunities for next generation batteries and includes a detailed eight-year forecast in both volume and value terms, broken out by battery chemistry and by application. The report discusses in depth the new materials and manufacturing technologies that will be brought to bear on the creation of thin-film batteries. It also provides an analysis of the technical and market needs of the many applications areas at which these batteries may be used, as well as profiles of all the leading manufacturers of thin-film and printable batteries that focus on each firm's product and marketing strategy and how they are funding their business expansion.

    NanoMarkets is the industry's leading industry analyst firm for thin film, organic and printable electronics. We focus on all aspects of the value chain from materials to manufacturing to application markets and present the most integrated analyses available today. Contact us for additional information about this and other NanoMarkets reports.


    Executive Summary
    E.1 Introduction
    E.2 Key Drivers and Retarding Factors for the Thin-Film/Printed Batteries Market
    E.2.1 Key Factors Driving the Market
    E.2.2 Key Factors Retarding the Market
    E.3 Summary of Battery Chemistries and Materials Developments
    E.3.1 Lithium Batteries
    E.3.2 Zinc Batteries
    E.3.3 Electrolyte Alternatives
    E.3.4 Alternatives to Batteries
    E.4 Summary of Main Opportunities in the Thin-Film/Printed Batteries Market
    E.4.1 RFID
    E.4.2 Smart Packaging
    E.4.3 Point-of-Purchase Displays/Smart Shelves
    E.4.4Smart Cards
    E.4.6 Medical Device Markets
    E.4.7 Computer Memory
    E.5 Firms to Watch in the Thin-Film/Battery Space
    E.6 Sources of Finance for Thin-Film Batteries/Commercialization
    E.6.1 Involvement in the Market by Large Public Companies
    E.6.2 Venture Funding
    E.6.3 Military and Government Finance
    E.6 Summary of Eight-Year Forecast

    Chapter One: Introduction
    1.1 Background to this Report
    1.1.1 Chemistries and Materials
    1.1.3 Challenges and Competition
    1.2 Objectives and Scope of this Report
    1.3 Methodology of this Report
    1.4 Plan of this Report

    Chapter Two: Evolution of Thin-Film/Printed Battery Technology
    2.1 Market Drivers
    2.2 Thin-Film and Printable Batteries vs. Conventional Batteries
    2.2.1 Price Competition
    2.2.2 Impacts on Cost of Improved Manufacturing
    2.2.3 Beyond Price Competition
    2.3 New Technology Alternatives to Thin-Film Batteries
    2.3.1 Thin-film and Organic Photovoltaics
    2.3.2 Thin-Film Fuel Cells
    2.3.3 Energy Harvesting and Passive Devices
    2.3.4 Biothermal Devices
    2.4 Key Points From the Chapter

    Chapter Three: Materials and Manufacturing
    3.1 Available and Emerging Battery Chemistries
    3.1.1 Lithium Ion
    3.1.2 Lithium Polymer
    3.1.3 Lithium Metal and Lithium Metal Alloy
    3.1.4 Lithium Manganese Dioxide
    3.1.5 Lithium Thionyl Chloride
    3.1.6 Lithium Phosphorus Oxynitride
    3.1.7 Lithium Oxygen
    3.1.8 Zinc Carbon
    3.1.9 Zinc-Manganese Dioxide
    3.1.10 Biomaterials-based Batteries
    3.1.11 Radioisotope Batteries
    3.1.12 Nanowire-Based Devices and other Nanotechnology-Based Batteries
    3.2 Performance Requirements and Capabilities of Thin-Film/Printable Batteries
    3.2.1 Power Density and Generation Capabilities
    3.2.2 Rechargeability
    3.2.3 Flexibility
    3.2.4 Footprint and Thinness
    3.2.5 Operating Temperature
    3.2.6 Environmental Protection and Safety Requirements
    3.3 Manufacturing
    3.3.1 Printing Technologies
    3.3.2 Vapor Deposition and Sputtering
    3.4 Key Points Made in this Chapter

    Chapter Four: Applications for Thin-Film and Printable Batteries
    4.1 Introduction
    4.2 RFID, Smart Packaging and Other Retail Applications
    4.2.1 Active RFID
    4.2.2 Semi-active RFID
    4.2.3 People and Animal Tracking
    4.2.4 Suppliers of Batteries for RFID
    4.2.5 Other Smart Packaging Applications
    4.2.6 Smart Shelves and POP Displays
    4.3 Financial Services and Security Applications
    4.3.1 Smart Cards
    4.3.2 Biometric ID and Other Access Devices
    4.4 Sensors
    4.4.1 Wireless Sensor Networks and Other Distributed Sensor Applications
    4.4.2 Thin-Film/Printed Battery Manufacturers Targeting the Sensor Market
    4.4.3 Military Sensors
    4.5 Medical and Cosmetic Devices
    4.5.1 Labs on a Chip and Diagnostic Devices
    4.5.2 Drug Delivery Systems and Other Implants
    4.5.3 Cosmetic, Therapy and Stimulation Patches
    4.5.4 Smart Bandages
    4.6 Embedded Chips
    4.6.1 Battery-Backed-up Computer Memory and Clocks
    4.6.2 Embedded Processors
    4.7 Greetings Cards, Games, Toys and Other Novelties
    4.8 Key Points Made in this Chapter

    Chapter Five: Profiles Of Leading Thin Battery Firms
    5.1 Biophan
    5.1.1 About the Company
    5.1.2 About the Battery Technology
    5.2 Cymbet
    5.2.1 About the Company
    5.2.2 About the Battery Technology
    5.3 Enable IPC
    5.3.1 About the Company
    5.3.2 About the Battery Technology
    5.4 Enfucell
    5.4.1 About the Company
    5.4.2 About the Battery Technology
    5.5 Excellatron
    5.5.1 About the Company
    5.5.2 About the Battery Technology
    5.6 Front Edge Technology
    5.6.1 About the Company
    5.6.2 About the Battery Technology
    5.7 Infinite Power Solutions
    5.7.1 About the Company
    5.7.2 About the Battery Technology
    5.8 mPhase
    5.8.1 About the Company
    5.8.2 About the Battery Technology
    5.9 NanoEner (Ener1)
    5.9.1 About the Company
    5.9.2 About the Battery Technology
    5.10 NEC
    5.10.1 About the Company
    5.10.2 About the Battery Technology
    5.11 Oak Ridge Micro-Energy
    5.11.1 About the Company
    5.11.2 About the Battery Technology
    5.12 Power Paper
    5.12.1 About the Company
    5.12.2 About the Battery Technology
    5.13 Qynergy
    5.13.1 About the Company
    5.13.2 About the Technology
    5.14 Rocket
    5.14.1 About the Company
    5.14.2 About the Battery Technology
    5.15 Solicore
    5.15.1 About the Company
    5.15.2 About the Battery Technology
    5.16 Thin Battery Technologies
    5.16.1 About the Company
    5.16.2 About the Battery Technology
    5.17 Ultralife Batteries Inc
    5.17.1 About the Company
    5.17.2 About the Battery Technology
    5.18 Varta Microbattery GmbH
    5.18.1 About the Company
    5.18.2 About the Battery Technology
    5.19 VTT
    5.19.1 About the Company
    5.19.2 About the Battery Technology

    Chapter Six: Eight-Year Market Forecasts
    6.1 Forecasting Methodology
    6.1.1 Alternative Scenarios
    6.1.2 Scope of Forecast
    6.2 Eight-Year Forecasts of Thin-Film and Printable Batteries
    6.2.1 RFID and Smart Packaging
    6.2.2 Smart Shelves and POP Displays
    6.2.3 Smart Cards and Biometric Access Devices
    6.2.4 Sensors
    6.2.5 Medical Devices
    6.2.6 Forecast of Thin-Film and Printable Battery Revenues by Application
    6.3 Forecast Of Thin-Film And Printable Battery By Battery Chemistry/Materials
    6.4 Forecast Of Thin-Film and Printable Battery By Fabrication Method
    Acronyms and Abbreviations Used in this Report
    About the Authors

    List of Exhibits

    Exhibit E-1: List of Selected Companies in the Thin-Film Battery/Printed Battery Market
    Exhibit E-2: Thin-Film and Printable Batteries Market ($ Millions)
    Exhibit 3-1: Capacity of Selected Thin-Film Batteries
    Exhibit 3-2: Comparison of Battery Size for Selected Commercial Batteries
    Exhibit 3-3: Operating Temperatures for Selected Thin-Film/Printable Batteries
    Exhibit 5-1: Power Paper Partners
    Exhibit 6-1: Thin-Film and Printable Batteries Market: RFID and Smart-Packaging
    Exhibit 6-2: Thin-Film and Printable Batteries Market: Smart Shelf/POP Display Applications
    Exhibit 6-3: Thin-Film and Printable Batteries Market: Smart Card/Biometric Access Card Applications
    Exhibit 6-4: Thin-Film and Printable Batteries Market: Sensor Applications
    Exhibit 6-5: Thin-Film and Printable Batteries Market: Medical Applications
    Exhibit 6-6: Thin-Film and Printable Batteries Market by Application
    Exhibit 6-7: Thin-Film and Printable Batteries Market by Chemistry ($ Millions)
    Exhibit 6-8: Thin-Film and Printable Batteries Market by Manufacturing ($ Millions)


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