July 2014
June 2014
  • June 26, 2014 Category: Advanced Materials

    According to a new report from industry analyst firm NanoMarkets the market for silver inks and pastes is projected to be worth $5.7 billion (USD) in 2019.  The report, “Silver Inks and Pastes Markets 2014-2021” analyzes and forecasts the potential for silver inks and pastes in the ever changing photovoltaics, displays, OLED lighting, RFIDs, sensors and traditional thick film applications business segments and continues the firm’s coverage that dates back to 2005.  

  • June 24, 2014 Category: Smart Technology

    According to a new report from NanoMarkets, the market for radiation detectors will grow from $25.7 billion (USD) in 2014 to $31.5 billion in revenues in 2019. The report, “Radiation Detection Markets 2014-2021” analyzes and forecasts the potential for radiation detection equipment and continues the firm’s coverage that dates back to 2011.  

    The report states that gamma radiation detection devices is the biggest segment accounting for close to 40% of the market and should maintain this share throughout the forecasting period. Medical X-ray detection equipment will account for the next biggest market share (27% in 2014) but the firm expects it to decline towards the end of the forecasting period. In terms of growth rates, laboratories (especially Big Physics) are expected to record the highest growth rates followed by the nuclear power sector.

  • June 18, 2014 Category: Advanced Materials OLEDs

    The ongoing penetration of OLED displays in mobile phones and wearables and renewed prospects for the OLED lighting market will catapult the OLED materials market from around $900 million in 2014 to $3.7 billion in 2019.  According to the new NanoMarkets report, “OLED Materials Markets– 2014” by 2019, almost 45 percent of the materials revenues for OLEDs will come from the core functional materials (EML, ETL, HTL/EBL and HIL), while the rest comes electrode, encapsulation and substrate materials.

May 2014
  • May 28, 2014 Category: Smart Technology

    NanoMarkets has announced the release of a new report titled, “Smart Lighting Markets 2014 Volume I: Market Drivers and Forecasts.”  In the report the firm projects that smart lighting markets worldwide are expected to grow from around $1.0 billion (USD) in 2014 to around $10.9 billion by 2019.  While the market is currently dominated by lighting for commercial and residential buildings today, NanoMarkets expects that street lighting, other outdoor lighting and applications in transportation will account for 42% of smart lighting revenues by 2019.

  • May 14, 2014 Category: OLEDs

    NanoMarkets has just published its latest forecasts of the OLED lighting market predicting a $1.4 billion market opportunity in 2019.  The report, “OLED Lighting Markets-2014” (Code Nano-721) notes that while the sector has foundered for the past few years it now appears to be worthy of some renewed optimism based on both on both improvements in OLED lighting panel performance and recent expansion of manufacturing facilities.

  • May 12, 2014 Category:

    NanoMarkets has released a new report on the CIGS photovoltaics market that predicts a market potential for CIGS PV to be worth $2.7 billion (USD) in 2019 up from $1.3 billion this year. The report also predicts that CIGS will grow from a capacity of 1.6 GW this year to 7.1 GW in 2019. The report titled, “CIGS Photovoltaics Markets 2014 and Beyond” will begin shipping to clients the week of May 5th

April 2014
  • April 23, 2014 Category:

    A new report, “Smart Lighting Markets 2014 Volume II: Products, Companies and Technologies,” has just been published by NanoMarkets.  This report details the key product/market strategies and trends in the smart lighting space, pinpointing where leading firms are seeing the most profitable opportunities. The other volume in this series will be published in May 2014 and will provide in-depth analysis of the markets for smart lighting including granular eight-year forecasts.

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