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  • January 28, 2014 Category: Advanced Materials Emerging Electronics

    NanoMarkets has published a new report on the emerging transparent displays market.  In its new report the firm expects the market to grow to $974 million in revenue by 2019.  NanoMarkets believes that the rise of wearable computing and the success of augmented reality apps in mobile devices will prove to be strong market drivers for transparent displays.  Transparent displays are also attracting attention from tier one electronics firms such as Apple, AUO, Google, Japan Display, LG, Nokia, and Samsung, while raising the profile of firms such as Planar that have offered professional and retail displays for years.

December 2013
  • December 18, 2013 Category: Advanced Materials

    LED phosphors suppliers will experience strong volume growth with phosphor shipments growing to 798 metric tons in 2019 from about 523 metric tons in 2014.  This is according to a new report titled, “ LED Phosphors Markerts-2014,” from NanoMarkets, an industry analysis firm based here.  The report says that despite this growth, Chinese competition and the fall in rare earth prices are hitting phosphor prices hard.  As a result, the phosphor market will reach just $442 million ($US) in revenue in 2019 compared with $353 million in 2014.

November 2013
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