August 2012
  • August 01, 2012 Category: Advanced Materials

    Industry analyst firm NanoMarkets announced that will begin shipping its latest report on the transparent conductor (TC) market titles, “Transparent Conductor Markets – 2012” which includes the dominant indium tin oxide (ITO), along with other transparent conducting oxides (TCOs), conductive polymers, silver grids and coatings, copper, carbon nanotubes and graphene and nanocomposite materials of various kinds the week of August 6 of 2012. 

July 2012
June 2012
  • June 26, 2012 Category: Advanced Materials OLEDs

    NanoMarkets has announced that it will begin shipping its latest report that analyzes the opportunities for OLED materials suppliers in both the display and lighting sectors over the next eight years.  The report, “OLED Materials Markets 2012,” estimates that the total market value of materials used in OLED applications will grow quickly from over $500 million ($US) in 2012 to over $7 billion by 2019.  Of the total OLED materials market value, the active OLED materials -- emissive materials, hosts, and hole/electron injection and transport materials are expected to account for nearly $3 billion.

May 2012
  • May 24, 2012 Category: Advanced Materials Renewable Energy

    NanoMarkets announces the release of its latest report on the building-integrated PV (BIPV) market titled, “Substrates and Encapsulation for BIPV.”   Within the report NanoMarkets says the total market value for BIPV substrates and encapsulation materials will reach $1.9 billion by 2016.  And while the current market is dominated by glass, NanoMarkets expects novel technologies and materials to account for 20 percent of the BIPV substrate/encapsulation market in 2019.

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