October 2011
  • October 18, 2011 Category: Advanced Materials OLEDs

    NanoMarkets announces the release of its latest market report on OLED materials titled, “Markets for OLED Encapsulation – 2011.”   In the report NanoMarkets ties the opportunities for OLED encapsulation suppliers to the emergence of OLED lighting.  And while NanoMarkets predicts a modest but still significant market potential for OLED encapsulation of approximately $170 million ($US) in the year 2016, this time period will also coincide with the emergence of OLED lighting as a volume market leading to significant upside for encapsulation suppliers.

September 2011
  • September 19, 2011 Category: Advanced Materials

    NanoMarkets has just released a new report tiled, “Printed Gold:  Gold Inks and Pastes Market – 2011” that examines the markets for gold inks and pastes in the electronics and solar industries.  The report discusses both the gold pastes used in traditional applications such as wire bonding and brazing and a new breed of inks based gold nanoparticles.  These next-generation inks are expected to find uses in MEMS, data storage and computer memory, “green” electronics, photovoltaics (PV) and sensors.  NanoMarkets estimates that the total volume of gold consumed by gold inks and pastes for electronics and PV applications will reach 13.7 tonnes by 2016.   

  • September 01, 2011 Category: Advanced Materials

    This report assesses and quantifies the applications – new and old – for gold inks and pastes.  It examines the products and firms that make up the printed gold business and the marketing strategies that are being used in this interesting sector.  The also report contains eight-year market forecasts broken out both by application and by gold ink/paste chemistry and printing technology type.  In addition, we consider what the impact of the current very high price of gold will have on the printed gold sector.

August 2011
  • August 31, 2011 Category: Advanced Materials Renewable Energy

    NanoMarkets has just released a new report on the markets for indium-based materials in the rapidly growing photovoltaics (PV) industry.  The report discusses several materials that are widely used in PV including indium tin oxide (ITO), which is used as a transparent conductor in several sectors of the industry; as well as CIGS, one of the fastest types of PV in which indium is a crucial part of the core absorber layer.  The report also examines the role that indium phosphide (InP) may play in the future of photovoltaics.

  • August 23, 2011 Category: Advanced Materials Emerging Electronics

    This report quantifies the market for scintillation, thin-film, and semiconductor detection materials used for domestic security, military, medical imaging, nuclear power, science and geophysical applications.  Also included is an in-depth assessment of the opportunities for a broad range of materials including sodium iodide, lanthanum bromide, cesium iodide, strontium iodide, cadmium compounds, silicates, halides, oxides, plastics/polymers, GaAs and nanocrystals among others.

    The report contains more than 40 separate eight-year forecasts of the radiation detection materials market with detailed breakouts by material and applications.  It also discusses the activities and strategies of leading firms active in this space.  Among the firms mentioned in this report are Alpha Spectra, Canberra Industries, GE, Hamamatsu, Hilger, Hitachi, Horiba, Kodak, Lambda Photonics, Nucsafe, Omega Piezo, ORTEC, Radcom, Redlen, Rexon, Saint Gobain, Samsung, SIAC and Varian.

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