December 2013
  • December 18, 2013 Category: Advanced Materials

    LED phosphors suppliers will experience strong volume growth with phosphor shipments growing to 798 metric tons in 2019 from about 523 metric tons in 2014.  This is according to a new report titled, “ LED Phosphors Markerts-2014,” from NanoMarkets, an industry analysis firm based here.  The report says that despite this growth, Chinese competition and the fall in rare earth prices are hitting phosphor prices hard.  As a result, the phosphor market will reach just $442 million ($US) in revenue in 2019 compared with $353 million in 2014.

November 2013
October 2013
  • October 28, 2013 Category: Advanced Materials

    The worldwide medical ceramics market will grow from $1.1 billion in 2013 to $2.3 billion in 2018 according to a new report from industry analysis firm NanoMarkets. The report, “Worldwide Medical Ceramics Markets: 2013,” notes that ceramics are now widely used in medical and dental applications including, hip and knee implants; crowns, bridges and other dental implants; surgical and diagnostic tools, implantable electronic implants, and regenerative medicine.  Ceramics are an ideal material in these applications because of their wear resistance, inherent stability and excellent electrical properties.

September 2013
  • September 24, 2013 Category: Advanced Materials Emerging Electronics

    NanoMarkets today announced the release of its new report, “Market Opportunities for Quantum Dots in Lighting and Displays.”  In the report the firm states that quantum dots (QDs) will create significant opportunities for electronics manufacturers in the coming years through their ability to enable the creation of higher value intermediary products.   Furthermore, the arrival of QDs will pose a significant threat to OLED displays and lighting.

  • September 17, 2013 Category: Advanced Materials

    According to a new report from industry analyst firm NanoMarkets, the global medical polymer market will grow from $2.3 billion (USD) in 2013 to over $3.5 billion in 2018.  The report titled, “Worldwide Medical Polymer Markets 2013-2020” identifies the current and future opportunities in the medical polymers space and provides guidance on the technical and regulatory framework in which these opportunities are arising.

July 2013
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