October 2012
September 2012
  • September 13, 2012 Category: Advanced Materials Glass and Glazing

    Industry analyst firm NanoMarkets today announced that it will release a new report in early of October 2012 that will analyze the commercial prospects for advanced glazing systems.   The report titled, “Advanced Glazing Systems Markets -2012” examines the revenue potential for both the window industry itself and firms supplying the materials – glass, plastics and sealants -- for advanced glazing systems.  It also looks at how the world of advance glazing can profitably innovate by drawing on the technologies and insights of the smart windows, building-integrated PV (BIPV), and smart lighting businesses.  

  • September 05, 2012 Category: Advanced Materials Renewable Energy

    Industry analyst firm NanoMarkets has begun shipping its latest report on the building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) market titled, “BIPV Wall Markets – 2012.” This report quantifies the potential for wall-attached PV, repurposed BIPV roofing products, BIPV curtain walls and dedicated BIPV siding.  It also discusses future directions for BIPV walling; from integrations with outdoor panel lighting to “solar paint.”  Although negligible today, NanoMarkets sees the BIPV walling market exceeding $1.5 billion ($US) in revenues by 2016.

August 2012
  • August 17, 2012 Category: Advanced Materials Emerging Electronics

    Industry Analyst firm NanoMarkets today announced that it will publish a new report in September of this year titled, “New Opportunities for Optical Films in the Display Industry.”   This new report from NanoMarkets focuses on how opportunities for optically functional films will emerge within the changing display sector.  The report shows how value is being created in the optical films market by enhancing the performance of displays, and how manufacturers of these products may be able to capitalize of the trend toward increasing adoption of OLEDs and e-paper displays in mainstream displays. 

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